Even more Games Steampunks can enjoy

Steampunk really has taken hold in the gaming-scene. I have already talked about, showcased and reviewed a number of games (and a second take of Iron Grip: Marauders is in the pipe) and there are always some more. The more I look around, the more seem to pop up.

Here are two games I want to share with you.

The first one I received via Æthermail. It was the game-designer, Daniel Cortés, himself who pointed it out to me. Thanks. Daniel!

This is the kind of Æthermail, I appreciate. Someone asks me onestly, if I could feature their book/music/game. No air-kraken-poo like the usual “There is this awesome shop…” mails I get a lot.

So this is the trailer of Daniel’s game, War Squared:

War Squared Trailer from Daniel Cortes on Vimeo.

The second game is a really dark and spooky piece of work.

Grimm: Ride of the Perambulator

A lost baby fighting his/her way through a Victorin-Gothic world in a pushpram. What twisted mind came up with that idea…

Both games are available for the iPhone in the iTunes store. So, if you are interested and have the right piece of arcane machinery, amble over and take your pick!