Lovett: Something Steampunk this Way Cometh

Some more music for you:

Lovett is going to release the album Highway Collection on March 15th. Still a bit in the future, I know. The reason why I am telling you this: As of today the video Eye of the Storm is available on AOL spinner. The corresponding single is taken from this album.

Now, this video looks more than just a little Steampunk, here are some stills:

You cannot get any more Steampunk than that. The goggles, the airship… Excellent! I was also fortunate and  was able to have already listened to the song. Moody and very enjoyable. I am looking forward to getting to know more about this album.

I am unfortunately not able to share the video with you here, but at least, here’s a snipped from the “Making of”:

So let’s see when this album and the video is available on iTunes…