Things to look forward to in 2011

From my vantage point, 2011 could be a most excellent year for Steampunk and Dieselpunk. Just the things I know so far fill my heart with joy and they are only a handfull. There is Art Donovan’s upcoming book The Art of Steampunk.

Camera Obscura CoberMy friend Lavie Tidhar’s Camera Obscura, the second novel set in the world of The Bookman, is scheduled for release in April.

Captain America: The First Avenger is in theaters from July 22nd. Also, there are quite a number of Weird West movies coming to a movie theater near you. I already talked about Cowboys and Aliens a few posts back. There will lso be the movie Priest (see the trailer at the end of this post) which is based on a South Korean comic of the same name and set in a really weird west. The movie looks more like post-apocalypse Steampunk with a hint of Diesel, though. The train alone… Aaahhh! Dark bliss!

Also, more things are happening here in Germany, too, now. Hopefully I shall be able to get some LARP or even a convention organized here in the south but family comes first so I do not know yet… Well, my good friend Amelia has started a club for Bavarian Gentlemen (Der Club der Bayerischen Gentlemen) and she is really behind it. Good look to her! Our firt meeting (and micro-LARP) will be in two weeks, I am really looking forward to that one.

Now that I covered literature and movies, I cannot really say what 2011 will briing in terms of music, except for Lovett, obviously. But I am certain there will be a number of releases, plus: I am working on a review of Abney Park’s The End of Days, I know, it is not that fresh anymore but there was no time for it earlier.

So, quite a few things o the horizon to brighten the life of a Steampunk and just as promised, here is the trailer of Priest: