Brasilian Steampunk Podcast: Steamcast

My friends over at Clockworker brought my attention to this most excellent Brasilian Video Podcast, Steamcast:

SteamPunk ~ SteamCast ~ Interview with James Ng (Português/English) from Conselho SteamPunk on Vimeo.

For one thing, I have thus far not reported about anything happening steampunkwise in South America, and now I can report something truely splendorous.
And for another thing: The team of Conselho Steampunk were able to get an interview with the extremly talented iconic artist James Ng.
So, I guess I have to polish my knowledge of romanic languages a bit and dig through the Spanish and Portuguese sections of the ætherweb in search of more Steampunk material. The language barrier has kept me from this thus far, but now I have an incentive.
Good thing the Steamcast team has provided English subtitles, otherwise I would not have been able to make any sense of it.
Right… Now I have to find something Steampunk coming out of Africa, once I found something, I have actually collected something from each permanently inhabited continent.

Oh it is so great to find Steampunk is a movement present all over this planet!