Things are taking shape

When I started this blog more than two years ago, I did not even know whether or not there were any other active Steampunks here in Germany. Then it seemed like southern Germany was pretty devoid of Steampunks and now things are moving quite fast and the community is taking shape.

First of all, Cthulhu and the Mighty Air Kraken willing, the first meeting of the Club of the Bavarian Gentlemen will take place this Saturday. I hope it will not be the last. It is the first official Steampunk gathering in Southern Germany since the pub moot more than a year ago. Well, there was this miniature get-together between Miss Grey and myself but you cannot count this and I also made contact with Matthias of Steampunk-Welten in the meantime.

A shame I never got to go to Matthias’ Cthulhu pub moot in Munich before we moved to Augsburg.

In any case, things are moving foreward. Apart from things happening locally, there is now a project for a German Steampunk movie. Before anyone gets too excited, it is only a project so far. It only started a few days ago. There are some ideas floating around but right now it is not even something I would consider pre-production. But: Every journey begins with a first step. It would be great if in a yea or two there would actually be a short movie floating around on privately solicited DVDs.

Well, I have subscribed to the concerning forum thread and will be informed about any developments. Should something happen, I will cetainly post something about it here.

So, next stop is the meeting of the Bavarian Gentlemen in Munich this coming Saturday, if any of you dear readers happen to be inthe vicinity, drop me a line, I give you directions. Obviously, I will report how it all went and what strange events unfolded. Since this is also going to be something of a micro-LARP, I guess we might have a few cases of background-story conflicts. But, let us find out. Also, I finally get a chance to wear my Württember Aircorps Coat. Oh what joy!