A collection turning into a uniform

Right, I am a self-confessed Zeppelin aficionado and I have a nice if rather small collection of Zeppelin paraphrenalia. In particular it appears small compared to the amounts of material collected by my friend Luftschiffharry (you find him in my links to the right). In any case, I am now actually able to dress up as a Steampunk Zeppelin captain.

The thing is: It more or less just happened. I never really planed a Steampunk Zeppelin uniform. As I mentioned in the last post, there will be  mini-meeting-LARP-thing on Saturday and this is the first time I am going to wear it. It is not going to be like this:

But it will be close enough, I guess. By the way, you may have seen this photo on my blog before, I took it during my visit to the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen.

So what I have got now to make up the uniform:

– dark blue breeches (I can also wear olive ones, if they should go better with the rest of the ensemble)

– a black German navy coat

– Kingdom of Württemberg patches to go onto the coat where German insignia are now

württemberg patch

– two knee-high pairs of boots to go with the breeches, the choice is mine

– goggles and aviator’s cap

– fitting shirt and waistcoat

The only thing I do not have is a proper cap like the one in the photo above. Replicas are available but prices are steep.

In any case, I am well equipped. even better: As I said, the uniform was not planed, it just grew, and that’s great! Now I shall go and actually get the pathes unto the coat. After all, I will impersonate a member of a Württembergian Zeppelin.