Doctor Monocle encore, webfinds and æthermails

This is another one of those posts that should have happened weeks ago. I mentioned Doctor Monocle in my post on Steampunk on Tumblr and was contacted by John Theesfeld, the mastermind behind Doctor Monocle. He kindly informed me there was not only the Tumblr blog but also Doctor Monocle on WordPress. The WordPress site is dedictated to a novel in progress, so saunter over and have a look.

Next, I there is this new and therefor not too extensive blog Steampunkpretty. It features low-key Steampunk jewelry for everyday wear and is rather in tune with my previous post on taking Steampunk to work. Unfortunately for us gentlemen, Kyleigh has thus far aimed her talents at lady customers, but the blog is less than two weeks old so there is more to come, I am sure.

And then there is Leon:

(c) Leon's Escapades

This outfit makes me turn green with envy. Leon contacted me recently and wanted to hear my opinion on a reportage he posted on his blog.

So here is what I have to say, out in the open, because I am not ashamed to say it.

Leon, this is one stunning outfit. It says Steampunk without being too in-your-face. I would absolutely wear this in the office (I would probably leave the brassknuckles at home, though). I also enjoyed your post on the Alexander McQueen Memoriam and Anton S. Kandinsky‘s Obsession Exhibit. Also thank you very much for introducing me to this outstanding artist. I have bookmarked his homepage.

I can absolutely understand that people give you more respect in this outfit. It looks stunning and it gives you a commanding, yet gentlemanly presence!

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