J.W. Kinsey's Artifice – Steampunk Masterpieces

Hiding out there in the depth of the ætherweb are a number of places offering various services for steaming up one’s abode, as I have noted here before.

I am always surprized what I manage not to find, since jewels and complete treasure troves keep appearing in my ætherbox. Which brings me to todays featured artifacts and the corresponding website, J.W. Kinsey’s Artifice:

This is the Mystarium Table Lamp:

The Mystarium Table Lamp by Joshua Kinsey

A most exquisite piece of Steampunk home accessory and this is the Pentarium, its more Dieselpunk cousin:

Pentarium Dieselpunk Table Lamp by Joshua Kinsey

Both artifacts are handcrafted by the enviably skilled Joshua Kinsey. I just checked and did not find him as a featured artist in The Art of Steampunk. I consider this a case of gross oversight, I have to say!

It really is rather amazing he was not featured in this book…

Oh, and here is the personal favourite of Mr. Kinsey, The Braxtonian Lamp:

Braxtonian Lantern by Josh Kinsey

About which he has the following to say:

This is my favorite piece so far, and is named after my son Braxton. This light fixture hangs on the wall, and the lantern cylinder is illuminated while slowly rotating. It was specifically made to hang above the fireplace in my library, and was designed to be viewed from a 3/4 angle (from where one is seated within the room).

Which room you ask?

The Room of the Braxtonian Lantern

Obviously it does not end there.

J.W. Kinsey’s Artifice range does not end there, not by far. Have you ever heard of a cryptex? (No, that is not something like the Yeti, that would be a cryptid, thank you!)

As is my usual modus operandi in these cases, I shall say no more and leave the Joy of Discovery to You. So pay J.W. Kinsey’s Artifice a visit and feast your eyes on the beautiful works of art Josh has created.

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