Gatehouse Gazette Issue 17 – The Roaring Twenties

Two more months have passed and this obviously means:

It is time for another Gatehouse Gazette! Issue 17 focuses on The Roaring Twenties, the wildest time of the early 20th century. I think the spirit of these times is best surmized by a line taken from the booklet of the most outstanding Arkham Horror game:

After the War To End All Wars it is the Party To End All Parties

Nick Ottens has once again managed to assemble a selection of excellent essays and reviews, most notably perhaps Tome Wilson’s The War To End All Wars. Tome, if you have not heard of him before (shame!), is the proprietor of, THE site for everything Dieselpunk. The site is in a class of its own. It is even more important for Dieselpunk than Brassgoggles is for Steampunk, I think.

I digress.

It is my opinion, issue 17 is thus far the best the Gatehouse Gazette has released. Take a look and a read. But before you click on the image below, it would be fitting to mix yourself a Martini to get in the mood.

Cover of The Gateouse Gazette Issue 17