On Roleplaying, Steampunk and otherwise

As the regular reader of my blog might know, I am a role player. I have been for the last 22 years (23, come to think of it). I have played most of the popular systems and some more obscure ones.Role playing games changed my life. Really. I was stuck in a bank after school, in a job I hated. I would probably still slowly wither away there, if it had not been for the games. If I had not started RPGs, I would never have heard of Games Workshop. Obviously, I would never had applied there and never would have gone to Nottingham to spend some of the best years of my life there. So, I am really fond of role playin games.

Until relatively recently, before becoming a father, I ran a Steampunk campaign based on the Chaosium Basic Role Playing System, which I can readily recommend (the system, not my campaign, I am not THAT boastful).

I also own two dedicated Steampunk systems from which I draw (or rather drew) inspiration for my Steampunk campaign:

Space 1889 (noteworthy for a number of things, amongst them terrible names for German NPCs)

Steampunk by Mongoose Publishing (I originally found this one while browsing for material for their Lone Wolf setting).

Now I have come across another system which has attracted my interest. It is an expansion to an independent, almost underground, system called EABA, it is available through RPGNow.com. I have not heard of it before, the Steampunk expansion or the EABA system, but I am intrigued.

Here’s a short description of the Verne expansion, by BTRC:

Men of steel in the age of steam. Victorian science fiction and steampunk for EABA. Battle dirigibles, Cavorite, steamtroops, dinosaurs, Martians, Selenites, mad scientists, clacking Babbage engines, the works. Verne starts off with the historical Victorian Era and then merges it with the fiction of Jules Verne, H.G.Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs and others to create a seamless alternate history that the adventurers get to shape and be part of. Verne can be as stiff-upper-lip fictional or Victorian Era grimy as you like, with detailed historical and cultural information, half a dozen adventures and numerous plot-centered NPC’s and gadgets.

Verne is nearly 220 pages of steampunk with the traditional BTRC attention to detail. Also available for Verne: A free interactive character creator for Verne, and a map pack with nearly 20 adventure locations, including an annotated interactive map of London.

And this is the very recognizable cover:

Cover for the Verne Expansion of EABA

Click to enlarge

For more on Verne and EABA, check out this, this and this link. All reasonably priced PDFs, so I shall check them out (next month).