Steampunk Cyborg Anatomy

In Lavie Tidhar’s Camera Obscura, one of the protagonists is the Marquis de Sade. In the novel, he is a stempunk cyborg. And Steampunk Cyborg is the keyword which brings me to today’s piece of art:

The Steamunk Spine

Steampunk Cyborg Spine

A chest is attached, too. Sort of. Now this is something I could well imagine being part of the anatomy of a Steampunk cyborg and/or a prosthetic replacement for victims of drastic accidents.

It does not need a steampunk setting, though. This spine is in itself a marvelous, if somewhat creepy, piece of art. I am not an expert in this field but the town I grew up in has some glass manufacturing industry and I have seen a considerabal numer of art pieces made of glass. This one is the most impressive I have seen so far. The idea alone… I wonder if the people at Marble City Glassworks have any plans of expanding their range of Steampunk anatomy pieces. I will keep an eye out, though. And now, please pay Marble City Glassworks a visit. They have many more excellent pieces demonstrating their talents and there are a few more images of their spine on their ætherweb site.