A Steampunk Tarot Deck

To a lot of Steampunks a little bit of mysticism is part of the style. After all, seances and occult secret societies were rather en vogue in Victorian times. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was founded in the late 1880’s and Aleister Crowley took his first steps towards becoming an occult celebrity in the final years of Victoria’s reign.

Also, occult elements taken from the Fin de Siècle can be found in contemporary steampunk music. Tom Slatter‘s Lines overheard at a Séance comes to mind.

So it is little wonder I would sooner or later encounter a Steampunk Tarot Deck on the ætherweb, and quite a marvelous thing it is. Here are some sample cards:

I do not believe in devinition of any sort at all, excep for the weatherforcast, I am a skeptic, after all. I am also a minor collector of more exotic tarot decks and I guess this one would go quite nicely with my Lovecraftian Tarot Deck. It could also serve as a control experiment deck. You see, whenever I tried devining the future with te lovecraftian deck, all I got was: R’lyeh will rise, everyone’s gonna die… *sigh*

I guess I should write a little something about the Cthulhu Deck some other time… In any case, if you want to take a closer look at the Steampun Tarot Deck, go here: