The Steampunk Mouse with a Brain

One of the first images you can find on this blog is a picture of Datamancer’s converted laptop (it’s in the archive August 2008). Now the waves of the Ætherweb have brought me to the perfect accessory:

The Brain-In-The-Jar Computer Mouse -No mad scientist should be without one

Steampunk Mouse with brain in jar

Steampunk Mouse with brain in jar, different angle

The genius behind this creation is Peter Balch. He has complete instructions for building this mouse on his site, so you can go there, check it out and build one yourself. I hope I can find all the parts described… It does not seem to be too complicated to build.

Other than the Steampunk mouse, Mr Balch has quite a selection of projects and technomantic experiments on his site, including automatons. He also provides instructions and programs for these. So the site is quite a little treasure trove for the advanced tinkerers among us.

So, when you take a look at the instructions for the Brain-in-the-Jar Computer Mouse, please also pay the section about robots a visit. Excellent tinkering in deed!

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