Phoenix Rising – The Official Trailer

Just a quick update concerning the most excellent Steampunk novel Phoenix Rising, which I was fortunate enough to review. Some talented people have gotten together and produced this outstanding little trailer:

Oh yes, the blessings of the ætherweb and modern technology in general. It is now possible to turn literature into a multidimensional, multimedia experience. In earlier day, only cinematographic prodctions had trailers, now, the written word follows hard on their heels.

And another thing: I have by now reviewed quite a number of good to mindblowing Steampunk novels, art collections and other books. Thus far I did not get my hands on a single piece I did not like. Does anyone o you know a really bad Steampunk novel? I guess they are out there. I just want to have some reference material from the lower end of the quality scale. Feedback would be much appreciated.