Win a Copy of Camera Obscura

As you may know through following my blog I am rather fond of Lavie Tidhar’s work and consider his latest novel Camera Obscura to be required reading for every Steampunk.
Now I have a copy of Camera Obscura to give away and you could be the one to recieve it. All you have to do is commend this blog post or send me an æthermail, that’s it. No difficult questions to answer, no obscure riddles to crack. If you want to take part, just drop me a note. The winner will be drawn out of all the people who contacted me up to April 23rd. The date is completely arbitrary and has no connections to Freemasonry or the Illuminaty whatsoever, despite the fact it includes the number 23.

So, if you want this marvelous piece of Steampunk literature, just drop me a note, you might be the lucky winner. There wil be no second or third prizes, though. I just happen to have an extra copy of Camera Obscura, that’s all.

So, good luck to everyone who wants to participate in the price draw!

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