50 Years of manned Spaceflight – In Memory of Yuri Gagarin

In 1961, on this very day, April 12th, Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space.

Yuri Gagarin

At the time of his flight, reactions were divided, just as the world was. Those days are past now, the Eastern Block does not exist anymore and the Western Block has changed a great deal, more than anyone would have expected back than or even 25 years ago.

Today, we can celebrate this wonderful moment in the history of mankind together, and this is what we will do.
So let us all raise our glasses to  Yuri Gagarin, who sadly met an untimely demise in a plane crash on 27 March 1968.

And here is a very touching and fitting tribute to him, half of it on Earth, the other half on the ISS: