Gatehouse Gazette 18 – Living Steampunk

The latest issue of the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette is out and this time it is all about the Steampunk Way of Life

The Gatehouse Gazette is “living steampunk” this issue with fashion, lifestyle and home decor. If you ever wondered how to steampunk your life, this issue should be an excellent guide.

I think Hilde’s little rant is particularly recommendable and I think a lot of us can feel for her, and the little intro “What Steampunk means to” gives quite an insight into how many facettes the lifestyle has.

The generally happy theme of the issue is balanced by Tome Wilson’s (of fame) short an insightful essay on the Lost Generation in the USA.

Also, the gazette once again features a piece of fiction and an interview, so there should be something in there for every taste.

Now get yourself a glass, or bottle, or cup as the case may be, of your favourite recreational drink and enjoy the Gatehouse Gazette Issue 18.

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