Tribulations of the Waistcoat Wearer

Summer is once again almost upon us and this year we have already had quite a hot April in these parts.

However, mornings are still quite chilly so I need something to keep the chill of on my way to the station. My preferred method, i.e. Garment of choice, is the waistcoat. I have a number of sturdy and reasonably warm and protective models which go well with my shirts and provide a pocket for a pocket watch. It also allows me to look at least lightly steampunk or dieselpunk at work.

So today, I wore a black leather waistcoat and it was well.

Until the early afternoon sun crept into the office.

You see, the waistcoat is black and thus naturally absorbs quite a bit of energy from the sun and my desk is right at the window. To be more precise: My desk is at a right angle to the window and this means the right side of myself gets most of the light in the afternoon.

This had a curious effect I had not encountered thus far.

You see, I recently changed the company I work for and before, direct sunlight was not an issue at the workplace.

So, around two o’clock after having finished going through a lengthy Excell sheet I noticed this almost uncomfortable heat on the right side of my ribcage towards the back.

The sun had been pounding down on and thus been heating up my waistcoat immensely. I was also quite surprised and rather startled to find that my pocket watch chain was rather hot, too.

I considered taking off the waistcoat for a moment but then decided against it. Sometimes style entails a little suffering I guess.

Besides, now I have a reason for getting myself a lighter coloured waistcoat for the summer months. I have also already found a promising vendor in my beloved Great Britain who has a splendid selection of waistcoats for sale.


I hope this solves part of the problem, but I still have soemthing to do about the chains of my pocket watches. If the chain got this wam today, it might be murder when it is 30°C or more outside.

But I will see how the situation developes in the height and heat of summer!

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