Daguerreotype Cthulhu

I’ve had this image in my collection for quite a while now. My speculation is it was Cthulhu’s dreams he sent that kept me from publishing it. Perhaps he is simply not quite comfortable in his new found role as a gentleman of leissure, yet.

I guess that’s undertsandable. After being a cosmic horror for

vigintillions of years

( Quote from Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu)

It takes a while to adapt to a new lifestyle. In any case, I think the Great Old One looks quite dapper and relaxed in this fairly recent portrait:

Cthulhu the Gentleman

Now I shall draw some eldritch runes, open a gate or two and see if I can get a similar shot of Nyarlathotep. After all, he has got a thousand masks, there shoud be a genlemanly one among them.