Sexy Steampunk Photoshoot

There are far fewer Steampunks here in Germany than there are in North America or in my beloved United Kingdom. However, there are a number of very attractive ladies gracing the scene here. I have already mentioned Ophelia Overdose, the cover model of Carnal Machines.

Now I would like to introduce you to yet another young lady, Neila Fynn:

Her photos have already appeared on a number of blogs around the web, so you may well have run into her before. The gear she’s wearing in this photo is actually available from Leder-Joe, one of the few places in Germany where you can get quite a range of really high quality Steampunk equipment.

Here’s another of Neila, this time in the studio of André M. Hünseler |, he also took the photo above, obviously:

And here is another one, but be warned, this one is not really safe for work, proceed at your own risk:

Neila Fynn NSFW

If you want to see more of Neila Fynn, check out the photographer and his work, oh he does not only do fashion-shootings, not by far, as this impressive photo clearely shows:

Cologne, old railway bridge and dome

or if you want to get yourself the gear Neila is wearing, follow the links below:

Model: Neila Fynn
Photographer: André M. Hünseler |
Outfit: Leder-Joe