Steampunk Strategy Game by Catalyst Game Labs

Catalyst Game Labs, the current publishers of the iconic games Shadowrun and Battletech, are developing a very promising looking Steampunk-themed tabletop strategy game, Leviathans.

Leviathans will be published this year under Creative Commons. This means we, the players and Steampunk enthusiasts can  participate and influence the game world in a huge way.

I am really excited about this upcoming game. For one, the miniatures look great, even if they are not painted:

HML Leviathan

Even better: The miniatures in the boxwill actually be lightly painted, once the game is officially released.

And I really like the background alternative history of this game. Go to and check it out.
Also, Battletech was the first game of this kind I played, actually. This was back in 1988, yes, I am that old. I still remember painting my first mech, a Firestarter:

Firetsrter Battlemech

Since Catalyst Game Labs has some of the best games ever in their portfolio, I am sure Leviathans will be an excellent game as well.

And the rules and artwork look VERY promising in deed. Just check out this PDF. It will give you a little tantalising glimpse of the world of Leviathans:

Leviathans Introduction