Featured Book: Steampunk Softies

Steampunk Softies CoverSteampunk is pushing into more and more areas. While crafting has long been a pillar of community activities, I have thus far encountered little regarding toys. Maybe because comparatively few of us actually have children or children who still want toys.
Anyway, I hold in my hands a book which tackles exactly this thus far white spot on the Steampunk map: Toys.
The book in question: Steampunk Softies: Scientifically-Minded Dolls from a Past That Never Was.
This is not a real review. In order to review Steampunk Softies, I should first make one of the characters. I will post a full review once I had the time to make one.
Steampunk Softies is a thin tome on how to create eight unique steampunk characters as soft toys. Where shall I begin. Everything about this little book is so great.
Every little character has her or his little history, each one is beautifully detailed and each one is easy enough to stitch together. You do not need to be an accomplished tinkerer, toymaker or seamstress to assemble one of the softies.
The instructions are also given via neat little illustrations guiding you through every step of the process of creating a steampunk softie. For each character, a detailed list of the required parts is given, which can be quite lengthy, let me tell you. But fear not! The authors also make it quite clear that their instructions are only guidelines. If you do not have all the parts for their version of the softies, never mind! Be creative and create your own version of the respective Steampunk Softie Character.
The book also provides various techniques for ageing fabrics to give the steampunk softies the kind of look you would expect from a toy coming to you from Victorian times.
And you can gradually improve your skills by working through the book. The softies are, according to the authors, roughly ordered by complexity. Tompion Zeitgeist is really easy, Ferris Scapula is more of a challenge.

All in all, I think Steampunk Softies: Scientifically-Minded Dolls from a Past That Never Was is a wonderful little book and the characters in there are the perfect way to introduce Steampunk to your children. This, obviously, is quite a bonus in my eyes and I hope I get round to making a Steampunk Softie for my son.
Since this is not a review, I will not rate Steampunk Softies on the Zeppelin Scale but I can wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful little book to everyone out there. It provides one excellent avenue into Steampunk crafts!