An Unnameable Thing in my Basement – Cthulhu Sketch!

EihortIt is really weird, almost eldritch, where the Cthulhu Mythos kreeps p these days. The more you look around, the more obvious it becomes:
The Mythos is everywhere! The Stars Are Almost Right!

So this time, the Mythos has made it into a mainstrem Scottish comedy program I had never heard before. Very cryptic in deed…

I have to thank a fellow listener of the outstanding H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast at this point. He (she? it? You never know with beings interrested in the Mythos) was kind enough to share the video below with the rest of us on the podcast’s facebook page.

So, without further ado: Please enjoy the following piece of cthulhuesque humor and entertainment. These guys must be rather enthusiastic about my favourite pantheon of cosmic horrors themselves. Some of the jokes are built on very specific details of Lovecraft’s work:

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