We did it! The Infernal Device is GO!

Oh joy! We made it! The combined power of the Steampunk community has brought The Infernal Device on the road! As I type these words, the situation is like this:

Funding Stats for The Infernal Device

Special thanks go to my good friend, the wonderful, the devine, the Mad Sonictist Veronique Chevalier. She came charging out of the mists of the ætherweband carried the project into safety with one powerful stride. I am also looking foreward to featuring her new website right here, once it is finished. No that I am at all curious…

Anyway, if you stiill want to contribute, there is time. Myke and the crew are happy for every extra Dollar they get and there are still some marvelous rewards on offer! Take a look!

In any case, this one is going to be mine, and there is a place reserved for it in my living room already:

Baba Yaga's Steampunked Hut by Myke Amend