Geek Overkill: Zelda meets Tesla

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most iconic, beloved and bestselling video games of all time. I have myself guided Link in various incarnations through a number of adventures. My first encounter was in 1988 during a student exchange in St. Paul, MN.
Now, geek interests often overlap. You get game geeks who are also Star Wars geeks. Comic Geeks who are also Fantasy Geeks and so on. In this particular case, some geeks who are into technology and into Zelda have joined forces and created this wonderful Tesla Coil. It is capable of producing quite recognisable music:

Great stuff! There is actually a project dedicated to playing music through lightning, the Open Spark Project (thanks for the link, Timo). Music played by Tesla Coil… Oh if only Nikola could be here today to witness this!