The Movie Monster Talent Agency

I always wondered where Hollywood got the monster film stars. Thanks to the ætherweb, this question has been answered. There is a talent agency, little known outside the industry, specializing in casting monsters for various movies.
The United Monster Talent Agency:

THE UNITED MONSTER TALENT AGENCY – Greg Nicotero von davehouseofhorrors

Well, I think they could treat their clients better. After all, most of them have some degree of sentience or are actually human, except for the days of the full moon. Hmmm… Maybe someone should give PEToM a call. I trust you can figure out who theyy are.
But this video raises another question: Who is representing the aliens you see in Star Wars, Star Trek and all the other sci-fi flicks?
More research needs to happen to answer this question!
My sincere thanks to Clockworker!