An inspirational Video about recycling Ideas

Happy Solstice everybody!
As Steampunks, we are used to the notion of things and ideas being recycable. After all, to a degree modern Steampunk is Sci-Fi, Victoriana and the ideas first formulated by Verne and Wells recycled; mixed with a pinch of cultural criticism, counterculture and whatever else you like to add.

Recycling of ideas is also the topic of this video:

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

I found it here (a German blog). Quite inspirational. Sometimes it needs more than one brilliant mind to bring an idea to bloom. Sometimes a great thing is created step by step, involving different people, sometimes seperated by time, sometimes two people come up with the same idea almost at the same instant.
Creativity is a process, inspiration only takes a moment. In the age of the ætherweb, you can draw your inspiration from everywhere. Unfortunately, it has become a habit of many, to label their ideas, to make it harder for others to use them. These days, you have to tread carefully if you want to be creative, lest you get a note from someone else’s lawyer.
But every idea is based upon another. Even “new” things require a foundation of work done by others. I wonder if modern laws guarding ideas are not detrimental to further creativity.
One more reason to support projects promoting Creative Commons and Open Source as the way to go.