Steampunk Visuals – Various Formats

I have to apologize to everybody who sends æthermails with recomendations for stuff I could / should feature here. I read them all, I have a rather large list but I seldom have the time these days to take a good look at i.e. the blogs and other ætherweb sites I get pointed to. Do not despair, sooner or later they will feature here.

Now for two Steampunk related things that have almost been fermenting in my æthermail in-box for quite some time now and since both feature visuals, I thought I combine them.

The first one is about Leviathans – Monsters in the Sky a game I featured here before. there is some new artwork out, concerning two types of Leviathans, the French Grenouille-class Destroyer (top row in the gallery below) and the Leviathan-class British Battleship, yes, the name-sake of the game (bottom row):



The iconic Steampunk/Dieselpunk themed game Bioshock is getting its third family member in 2012, Bioshock Infinite, here’s the trailer in case you haven’t seen it already:

So, even if I do not have the time for a decent update, I can still provide some nice steampunk visual art. Yes, I think computer games are visual art, and so are the respective trailers.

Oh and lest I forget, today’s featured article in the Wikipedia is:

SMS Baden, guns to port

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