You could not make it up…

This entry is brought to you courtesy of My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning. In case you have not heard of it before, it is a Tumblr blog I am following and a few of the images I have posted here on previous occasions are taken from there. Today’s little gem is a piece of really weird history and I wonder if this news-clipping is actually a genuine piece of late 19th century US history describing an actual strange disciplinary device or just another forgery floating on the ætherweb.

What ever may be the case here (I am too lazy to do some research right now), this is so weird, it is almost off the scale. Without further ado, here it is:

News Clipping describing a weird device
… those were the days, I guess….

If you do not quite believe what you just read or your eyes feel slightly itchy now, you are in good company.