The Three Musketeers and Airships

Mon Dieu!
I wonder if Monsieur Dumas is turning in his grave right now or having a hearty chuckle somewhere on the other side.
As you may have heard, Dumas’ most famous novel, The Three Musketeers has been turned into a movie yet again.
This time it is a little… Different. How exactly? Well, since I feature it on my blog, it is rather obvious. But take an extended look at the trailer:

And the villains are played by an ensemble cast:

  • Milla Jovovich is Milady de Winter
  • Christoph Waltz (a.k.a. SS-Standartenführers Hans Lada) is Cardinal de Richelieu
  • Orlando Bloom is The Duke of Buckingham

Yes, Orlando Bloom is actually playing a bad guy this time, but again, it is a rather swashbuckling character.
I suspect the plot follows the original novel rather, shall we say, erratically, but it looks like one fun piece to watch.

It is still a few month until its release, October 14, 2011, and there should be some more goodies appearing on the æthernet in the meantime.