Steampunk is SPLENDID!

Today is Steamtuesday on Twitter. I guess I should have mentioned this earlier. Steamtuesday is Twitter’s  official Steampunk and love-sharing event by the Steampunk Twitter community. To find out more, here are the latest entries on Steamtuesday.

There is quite a lot going on but most of the activity is generated on the westward side of the Atlantic Ocean so my European, African and Asian readers might want to wait until the American Steampunks have gotten up.

Yes, we Steampunks are quite a dynamic lot and we are using the ætherweb to our advantage. We like Victoriana but we also enjoy technology!
And talking of the ætherweb and technology…

In case you are not acquainted already, let me introduce you to the most excellent Professor Elemental, hip hop artist, Steampunk personality of note and overal excellent chap, I presume.

In his own words, he says about himself (abridged):

I host, perform and teach hip hop in more ways than you can imagine, and I add a healthy dollop of comedy and cabaret on the side. If you’re looking for lively, fun-packed rap music, taken in new and exciting directions, I’m very much your man.

Thinking about booking, or want to hear more? Here’s what I get up to:


Professor Elemental, my most popular persona, is a steampunk mad professor. His hobbies include adventure, invention, and a good cuppa. Aside from a few of his experiments (best left unmentioned), the Professor first got himself noticed with the track Cup of Brown Joy.

And here is a piece of his art, oh the joy:

I wonder if there is some dedicated Steampunk Heavy Metal out there… If you know a band or single artist, please let me know. I would love to feature them here, too. Actually, I should not be so lazy and just go on an ætherial hunting expedition. Now, where did I put my goggles?