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The æthenet is a weird and wonderful place and the sheer volume of material available leeds to the inevitable conclusion that there is nothing imaginable that can not be found in ætherspace. Rule 34, one of the defining æthernet axioms and memes testifies to that.
Another phenomenon haunting the data-highway for quite some time is the creative use of various Nazi-related tropes in increasingly creative ways.
I speculate that this is in part due to the by now significant distance in time seperating us from the end of World War 2 and the fact that very few combatants of this war remain alive. What ever the case may be, I presume a significant part of my readers will be familiar with the 2009 movie:

Inglorious Basterds

and you will surely agree that SS-Standartenführers Hans Lada is one of the most memorable movie characters of that year if not the last 10 years. Yes, he is a Nazi, yes, he is evil, yet, this villain has some disturbing charisma and attraction.

Lada is far away from the stereotypical Nazi Indiana Jones or the heroes of 1960’s war movies faced. The family of Nazi-tropes has evolved. Very much like the Cthulhu Mythos, they no longer embody only evil but a bizarre kind of humor has krept into it. A sub-stratum of corrupted fun.

I guess you have to be a bit on the odd side to come up with something like this:

Dino D-Day

Nazi Dinosaur Recruitment Poster

In all likeliness, one of the weirdes shooters available these days, already out since April 8th. Here’s a trailer, complete with period show-reels and a newscaster who sounds the part, too:

And of course, “nazi” is a popular prefix or compound in a huge number of neologisms these days, for example:

Grammar Nazis

I cannot embed this video, so here is the link on Youtube:

Grammar Nazis by CollegeHumor
(also fits nicely to Inglorious Basterds)

I mentioned this previously and here is a follow-up: The popular mash-up of Nazi Germany and The Galactic Empire (after all, why should evil tyrants not support one another):

More Evidence the Wehrmacht fielded AT-ATs

Nazi AT-AT

Why do think it is better to poke fun at Nazis than simply use them as bogeyman?
Simple: Laughter beats fear in almost all cases and fear is the mind-killer. Defeating the mind-killer is a good thing, don’t you think?

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