Happy Birthday, Mr. Tesla

Nikola TeslaToday in 1856 Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Nikola Tesla has become an icon of the Steampunk scene, Tesla Towers can be found at many of the bigger Steampunk events. Tesla is also rather popular in certain segments of the conspiracy theory subculture, a fact I find regretable. Sure, Tsela was a genius and he also had quite a few quirky ideas. The latter led to his eventual fall from grace and his death in obscurity.
What I find most interesting about his life, though, is the mutual emnity between him and another icon. I guess you know whom I am talking about. None other than Mr. Edison. Just try to imagine what would have happened, what great inventions and what progress could have been made if those two great minds had actually been best friends.

Tesla’s contribution to the world today are the AC motor and the bifilar coil, amongst other things. He also invented a few things that are necessary for the development of radio communication. The list of his inventions is rather extensive. All in all he received over one hundred patents in countries on both sides of the Atlantic.

What a brilliant mind!

Again, I have to express my regrets on him and Edison not being friends. Oh well, this is not a perfect world and sometimes you meet people you simply cannot stand. And as I said at the beginning: Tesla was a rather quirky character. You could also say, eccentric. In any case, I leave you with a rather spectacular display of a Tesla Tower in action: