Dieselpunk Humor

Hawker HurricaneI personally believe British humour is the best in the world. Bitish comedians have the broadest range of subjects they tackle, the least hear of tackling “dangerous” subjects and they are also not afraid of (in the words of Sergeant Fred Colon of the Ankh-Morpork City Guard) “Extracting the Urin” off themselves.

Thus, quite a chunk of British comedy concernes history and I have just found these two excellent scetches featuring (amongst others) David Mitchell, a comedian I hold in the highest regard:

And here’s a slightly darker one:

Yes, and I have to agree, pirates are fun (and they are not necessarily the baddies)!

I am not too sure about French humour and history, Germans tend to be rather, errrmmm… I tackled Germany’s “perpetual guilt complex” in previous posts and as far as I can tell, US comedians are also not particularly good at making fun of their own nation’s history. The only popular comedian who did it that I am aware of is George Carlin. I am happy to be corrected, though. After all, I am not watching US TV 24/7.

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