Happy Birthday, John Glenn

John Glenn, a living legend, celebrates his 90th birthday today.
In case you actually do not know who John Glenn is (please feel really ashamed):
He is the first American to orbit the earth and also, and far more impressively, the oldest man ever to go into space. In 1998, when he was 77 years old, he was on STS-95.
To say this again, this man was in space, on board Space Shuttle Discovery when he was 77! And you think you are too old to do a few things? Forget it. This man did away with “I am too old” once and for all.
Here are two official mission photographs:

From the Mercury Mission with Friendship 7:

John Glenn in his Mercury Suit

and here is the one from 36 years later, when he went again, this time in a Space Shuttle, as mentioned earlier:

John Glenn, STS-95 photograph

Apart from his distinguished career as a NASA astronaut, John Glenn was also a combat pilot in World War 2 and the Korean War and a Democratic senator and he has been a married to his high-school sweatheart since 1943!  What a giant of a man.

So today, let us all raise our glasses and toast John Glenn, a living legend!