Latvian Steampunk Fashion

Once again I can rejoice in the fact of Steampunk being an international phenomenon. This time I may introduce you to a Steampunk fashion designer from Latvia, Anda Masque. I am delighted she got in touch with me. I am always looking for signs of the Steampunk subculture in the less obvious places, and I would in all likeliness only have found Anda by sheer luck, since Steampunk lady’s fashion is not exceptionally high on my research list.

I wonder if I should not research non-military Steampunk fashion after all. Looking at Anda’s Steampunk and Dieselpunk designs, it is well worth the time and this is just a small selection:


Find all her work here.

I would also like to use this opportunity and again call out to my readers from outside the anglo-, franco-, and germanophone countries:
Please get in touch, I would love to feature your take on Steampunk here!