Steampunk – History Beyond Imagination

Steampunk History on KickstarterAnother Steampunk project is up at Kickstarter, and this one is about an exhibit in a class of its own.When we manage to get it going it will be an instant classic.

This is also one marvelous occasion for me to bemoan the fact that most exeptional Steampunk events seem to be going on on the other side of the Atlantic. Ah well, eventually the scene over here will have built enough steam to get a project on the road as well. Besides, as I have posted on the German version of this blog, things are moving already. It is only a matter of time and at the very least, we have a regular meet-up here in the South.

Back on topic: Steampunk – History Beyond Imagination is the kind of project the scene needs. It aims at spreading the word about Steampunk in a very unique way. It is a project that breathes and radiates Steampunk. Sop please consider contributing in getting Steampunk – History Beyond Imagination off the ground.