Spam Sites in our Subculture

Rusted CogIt had to happen eventually. The professional spammers have discovered the Steampunk section of the æthernet as a source for traffic, customers and what not. As a result, there are now sites on the ætherweb wich have the term Steampunk in the URL, have a design which fits into the esthetic range but…

And this is the point where it is getting ugly. The rest has little to do with what you would expect from any site at all. I have mentioned this before, my day job is in online marketing. I am doing SEO, Social Media and limited SEM for a few sites of a major magazine publisher in Germany and I am quite sensitive to dodgy marketing/link building/spamming for obvious reasons. In this particular case, my professional skills were not even required. Everybody with half a brain would have found out that something was amiss:

I received the following comment on one of my reviews a few days back:

Good web site online! predilection the seventh heaven you might have on scheme here. Please run on the changing into occurring moreover I consign equal skookum tumtum to go to terribly frequently.

If you can make any sense of it, let me know, I cannot. I also consider it quite deplorable the comment actually made it through the spam filter. Now the “user” who made this comment simply called himself “steampunk”, therefor using the keyword and the term was again used in the URL, as mentioned above. I was a little puzzled about this bot-generated comment appearing in a subculture related context and after taking a few precautions, I put on my goggles, got the breathing-apparatus ready, strapped myself in and sailed the stremas of the ætherweb to the site mentiond as the commenters homepage.

What a surprise! The site is a blog of sorts, has lots of advertizing and several articles, all with the terms you might expect in the headlines and also in the texts itself. Most of these texts make about as much sense as the comment quoted above. They are as sensical as:

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Only they are in prose and use actual English terms but otherwise they are a jumble of words with no meaning. In between this linguistic mess you find actual articles, ripped from other websites, I presume, such as a review of Carnal Machines, and some images and topical Youtube videos.

But apart from the few stolen articles, this site is pure spam, aimed at attracting traffic via a fringe keyword that has accquired some traffic potential.

I am not going to share or even name the site, this would mean the spammer has actually reached its (yes, I use this one on purpose) goal and got a link to its spammy site. I am willing to share it, though, so you can put it on your spam list, too. Drop me a line, if you want to know which site it was.