Summer was cancelled

Looks like summer this year will be a slightly warmer spring. At least today is rather warm and I can wear a t-shirt without catching pneumonia.

The weather forecast for the rest of the week looks rather grim, or wet, depending on your stance and thus I decided to grab this chance, maybe the last this year.

We do not have a dress code at work (although I usually wear a shirt and tie, I consider myself a gentleman after all), so I can actually wear a t-shirt.
Two days ago, as you can see in Monday’s post, the Infernal Device loot arrived and today the High Command garment was put into action. The following snapshot was taken in the office:

The Infernal Device High Command t-Shirt in action at work

And in case you are interested what the print-out behind me on the wall is:
It’s the periodic table of SEO ranking factors, available for free at Search Engine Land, informative, fun, and highly recommended.

It is a real shame spammers ususally do not read the articles/sites they spam, because this little information alone should deter them…