Reichsflugscheibe and Zeppelin

I really dislike people faking photographs and pretending things happened that actually never did.
I mean, just  look at this one:

Reichsflugscheibe and Zeppelin

There are several things wrong with this picture:

  • Obviously, the shadow the Reichsflugscheibe is casting is far too small.
  • The propulsion system of the Reichsflugscheibe would never had allowed it to get that close to a Zeppelin without pushing it away or severely damaging the gas cell.
  • The model above is a BV – 107X, it first flew in 1943 at an undisclosed location east of Kyushu with some Japanese scientists present as well. In 1943 there were no working Zeppelins over mainland Germany anymore, although one had been en route to Mars for several months.
  • I just cross-checked the information above with some of the surviving technicians, they agree with my assertions.

And to make one thing absolutely clear: Anyone who believes any of the statements above absolutely deserves it!

And talking of Reichsflugscheiben, just to keep you reminded:

Yes, they come in peace…

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