Abe Lincoln with Assault Rifle on Grizzly

Personally  I think the politicans of the recent decades lack a certain something. But then maybe the presidents we consider heroic and badass today were just regular guys and acquired an aura of the superhuman through the course of history.

Well, recently I came across the marvelous artwork of SharpWriter on DeviantArt and  he has some very impressive visions of really hardcore badass Presidents of the United States:

Abe Lincoln riding a Grizzly

Badass Abe Lincoln

And here are some more:

George Washington the Zombie Slayer:

Gerorge Washington wasting Zombies

Franklin Delano Roosevelt in full battle armor:

FDR in powered armor

And here is one I actually object to, since Bigfoot is an endangered species (or how else would you explain the scarcity of sightings), I see no reason of cutting one down with an automatic weapon (yes, I am aware of the story how Teddy Roosevelt got his nickname, in case you wonder):

Teddy Roosevelt shooting Bigfoot

And to finish this entry, here is some Warhammer 40,000 related art by SahrpWriter, Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves and namesake to one of the most awesome tanks ever envisioned:

Leman Russ

And before I forget, SharpWritere’s Art is also available for sale, at very reasonable prices. Check it out.

Hmm… This entry is actually longer than I thought…