Steampunk Dinosaurs

It happens in a few movies, it happens in role playing games, from the old Dungeons & Dragons to TORG to Chaosium Basic Role Playing:

Intrepid explorers and adventurers encounter dinosaurs, which are, of course, some of the coolest, most awesome, and most beloved creatures/monsters of all time.
Except for the obvious choice of cloning or more likely retro-enineering one, in a Steampunk setting there is also always the possibility of constructing a dinosaur, making it purely mechanical or even creating a biological specimen and steaming it up. A bit like using cybernetic implants, only much more stylish.
I guess I shared this video before at one point:


Luc Besson, the ideas you’ve got…

Anyway, I was browsing Deviant Art and it is a bit like Rule 34 recently. Only in this case the rule is more like “There is nothing on Deviant Art that does not exist in relation with Steampunk”. Yes, i think I have to do a little more researh but here are two finds regarding the search term “Steampunk Dinosaur”:

Steampunk Pterodaktyl by Van Ooos

SteamDino by erebusnight


A slightly mesozoic blog article… How wonderful. Have a pleasant day everyone, I am now leaving on a hot journey in a very likly not climatized train…




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