Hej, Polsko Steampunks

Jak dowiedzieliśmy sie niedawno, Steampunk jest bardzo EDIT: popularny w Polsce (was, erroniously: popularna w Polska).

Photo from a Steampunk/Victorian Horror Event in Lublin, Artist: Artiodactylus

Photo by Artiodactylus

And because I do not speak Polish (except for a few things like “dzień dobry” and “Piwo prosze”) I had to use Google Translate to get the title and the first sentence. I appologize for any mistakes in there, should there be any. I honestly cannot check.

I did a little research, “Steampunk” gets more search queries in Poland than in Germany, The Netherlands or France, both in absolute numbers and of course adjusted to population size. So I was wondering, if there are quite a few Steampunks in Poland, why do we hear so little over here?

I have close ties to Steampunks in the US and Canada, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands and Germany and Austria but no regular contact zo our Slavic speaking friends and fellow Steampunks.

The reason why contact to the scenes in Eastern Europe (Russia has also an impressive number of search queries by the way) is not as tight as it could and should be is obvious, I think: None of us here speaks Polish well enough to get into closer contact with some of you people and your scene seems to be vibrant enough to make it unnecessary to get in touch with us on a bigger scale.

Through comments on my blog I know I have readers from Poland and I have an offer to make:

I invite you as a guest blogger on this blog here, please tell us something about the scene in Poland, where you meet up, what clubs you go to to dance, which sites and museums you frequent, basically something a Steampunk tourist to Poland would like to know.

And if you find it in your clockwork heart to send an article (I would like it in Polish and English, please) you would earn my undying gratitude and an Amazon Voucher (or something comperable).

It would be great if this little outreach-connection project works and maybe it grows into something semi-regular with other nations being featured as well.

If any of my Polish readers want to take the offer, please leave a comment or send an æthermail. I would love to get some feedback on this one.

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