Fun Friday – Furry Edition

Who would have thought it… I am posting an update concerning Steampunk and Furries… The ætherweb really has information on everything…

Steampunk Furry Party by HellodingoWell, I asked for information about Steampunk and Furries, in case someone could prove me wrong on my previous assertion that there is not too much overlap and guess what happened?

The esteemed Mr. Arthur S. Rowan of Vintage Future passed some information on.

All I can say is: Kiitos herra Rowan!

He specifically mentioned a by now rather old, i.e. vintage, game, released for the first PlayStation. The game in question is

Tail Concerto

Yes, a game combining anthropomorphic characters with Victorian sci-fi technology has been out there for quite some time, as you can guess from the platform it was released for. You can also judge this from the visual content I present here (and the first video was included in Mr. Rowans response):

This is the game trailer:


And this is the first part of the Let’s Play on Youtube:


Tail Concerto was released in 1998. I used to play a lot on the original PlayStation. I drove to friends in my own car when the early adopters among them bought one. Yes, I am an old geek.

Granted, there are also more than a few crossover artworks on Deviant Art (the one I featured above is by hellodingo, I should not let her go unmentioned, that would be grossly unfair), but since you find artwork for everything there, I thought I needed a second source.

Another facet added to the subculture. More precisely, another facet I am now aware of. I wonder what other things await discovery out there, in the furthest reaches of the ætherweb. And I am not talking about Cthulhu Steampunk stuff, I am well aware and happy about its existance, I am thinking about yet another application of the ætherweb’s most famous axiom… No! I shall not go hunting for confirmation, I refuse!