Exquisite Art

While exploring the æthernet during one of the past hot evenings when it was simply too hot to go to sleep I came across a number of interesting items of various sort and aspect I found worth presenting here.

This is the first discovery I would like to share, a most stunning piece of art, I am able to present here with kind permission by the artist:

"Explorer" by Viccolatte

Explorer by Viccolatte

A splendid piece of art, I am sure you agree.

Viccolatte has a whole gallery on Deviant Art well worth your time, but this one is, in my sometimes less-than-humble oppinion, her best work so far. i find the crystal growing between the gears particularly interesting. Even under ideal conditions it takes time for crystals to grow like this. The workshop or factory the lady is exploring here must have been abandoned for a very long time… Oh my, another inspiration for a role playing adventure! Excellent!

I digress… Viccolatte is on my watch-list now and I am looking forward to her future work, who knows, there may be another feature.