Non-Steampunk Recommendation: Good Show Sir

Today I am once again recommending another blog to you, my dear readers, and this one is not connected to Steampunk at all but to literature in general. As you can tell from the title of this post, the blog’s name is Good Show Sir, and what a clourful and entertaining blog it is!

Their mission is clear, simple, bizarre and wonderful, as stated on their About page:

There are many pieces of cover art that are beautiful to behold. Yet, there are others which exhibit a rarer, odd form of beauty. We think that such conflicts of focal points, lettering choices, false perspectives, anatomical befuddlement, ridiculous transport vehicles, oversized and frankly unusable monster-hunting weaponry, clothing choices that would get you killed walking down the street let alone hiking a through a frozen wasteland, clichéd cat-people, and downright bad art deserve their own special form of tribute.

So after many years of passing snapshots around a group of friends, we want to give these hidden treasures the wider recognition they deserve. One can only imagine what in the three moons those brave artists, authors, and publishers were trying to do. Please don’t misunderstand, the content of these books are most likely very imaginative and brilliant. The art itself mostly excellent, showing clearly the time and effort an artist must put into their work. This is simply about what people decide to put on these book covers, with their own unique sort of imagination and brilliance. We laugh, yes, but wholeheartedly salute their greatness too.

So right now, over at Good Show Sir, the largest collection of odd, bizarre, weird, and unbelievable book coversis being assembled. Some part of the collection comes from the people of Good Show Sir, others are being sent in by readers.

It is truely astounding what art has made ot onto the cover of some books. Just take the following examples (click on the image to get to the corresponding article):

Night of the Saucers Cover

Night of the Saucers

The Little People

The Little People

Yes, these are real covers, no fakes, no foul play involved here, except for foul taste, maybe… So, pay Good Show Sir a visit. I am pretty sure you will be amazaed about the oddities awaiting discovery…