Time Travel and Ancient Egypt

Here it is, positive proof of time travel:

Just look at this picture, this is an actual set of hiroglyphs in or near Abydos, it is astounding! Upper left, there is a helicopter, to its right a battletank and below the tank, some type of bulky, almost egg-shaped, aircraft. Judging from the looks it is probably a bomber.

Battletank and Helicopter Hiroglyphs

Strange hiroglyphs

Why I think time travel is the more likely explanation then say, aliens? Well, unless the aliens have the very same technology and come up with the same designs we did and do and will, which is highly unlikely, the machines are of human design and thus point towards time travel.

As cool as it would be, the explanation is, rather unfortunately, the mad scientist in me weeps, far more mundane. You now have the choice of just move on and accept the explanation, these hiroglyphs above actually depict what I just said, or you can click on the button below and take a look at the more resonable explanation.

What is your choice?

The battletank hiroglyph explained

Yes, it is several layers of hiroglyphs on one slab

Yes, that is all. It is only the phenomenon called paradolia that makes us see advanced technology here. Rather sadly, there is none depicted. But how exciting it would have been. Do not despair, though. The history of our ancestors is fascinating, intriguing and amazing without any artificial embelishments!

So, no matter what your choice was, I wish you a very pleasant day!


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