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Nick, the revered Benevolent Dictator, sorry, Editor in Chief, of the Gatehouse Gazette recently approached me and asked if I would like to have my review of Mark David Brown’s Fistful of Reefer published in a Mexican Steampunk magazine.

El Investigador Logo

Being a great supporter of international Steampunk, I of course agreed. Now I received an æthermail telling me the issue of the magazine, El Investigador #7 – September 2011 Issue, has been released. After checking it out I guess I would have kicked myelf no end if I had declined the opportunity. El Investigador is one splendid magazine, the way it is presented, the design, the layout, the content (thank you, Google Translate…). Here is a quick introduction to the issue by their editor in chief:

Mexico is an attractive place for locals and visitors, because of its natural diversity and syncretism, a country rich in culture and traditions.
And this magic of Mexico has been exploited by great writers such as Geoffrey D. Falksen in his story “The Mask of Tezcatlipoca” which is reviewed in this issue for the same man who is an authority of America’s Steampunk, with unmatched professionalism, exclusively for “El Investigador” – and the entire world of Spanish speakers-

The Mask of Tezcatlipoca reviewed by its own author G.D. Falksen – page 18

From Germany, Marcus Rauchfuss, The Gatehouse Gazette’s contributor, reviews Fistful of Reefer, retrofuturistic fiction on the Mexican frontier. – Find it in our Byzantine Library.

Revolutionary spiritism is what Professor Lecumberri brought us From Hell.

The Phonograph introduces the first dieselpunk’s Mexican band.
Take a look trough Hodson’s gaze, who this time travels with The Pendulum to the Mexican Scene of XIX Century.


Airship Awards • From Argentina, chapter II of “Estrellas Muertas” in Outsiders’ letters •  find out Steampunk Mexico Forum’s details in Did you know…? and in SP Mexico’s Collection • Our columns of entertainment and analysis Le Petit Trianon and Micro-Scope by Meyrilu Wendorf and Xpike • Pulp Fiction in Retrofuturism • Interesting data In The File by Professor Kattalina Salazar • And of course the quality, commitment and dedication of everyone who participates in this magazine.

We hope you enjoy it.

El Investigador #7 – September 2011 Issue

Araceli Rodríguez
Altardeshimmel II Fürstin Von Marmalade Zu Kuchen
El Investigador

Mercenarios de DIOS
Departamento de Edición y Difusión

“Lo tuyo es tuyo por derecho propio, lo mío yo lo comparto.
Código de Mercenario. Vaya con DIOS”


So now, please rush over to El Investigador #7 – September 2011 Issue and feast your eyes on it, even if you do not speak Spanish. You will be amazed!