The Gatehouse Gazette Issue 20

So here it is, issue 20 of the Gatehouse Gazette. This one is dedicated to the 1930s, the decade which brought forth the best designs in art, technology, fashion and architecture. Well, at least as far as my personal tastes are concerned. Art Deco and 1930s fashion are two aspects of the 30s I find especially beautiful and esthetically pleasing.

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 20

My recommended articles in this issue: Hilde Heyvaert essay on Steampunk in Prague (which makes a nice combo with my article on Steampunk in Vienna in issue 21) and of course Mr. Ottens essay on one of my favourite subjects: Nazis in the Antarctic!

So, put in some swing, sit down and enjoy another great issue of the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette.