A Story in Pictures

Hello everybody, I just wanted to give you a quick update about what will be happening over the next few days and I have collected a few images to tell you a story, but I will be brief. I sincerely hope the story is comprehensable, the images I chose are clear enough, Ithink. Anyway, here I go:

Because ofRotten wooden beamin our


and if this would not be worse enough (other 500 year old houses are in much better repair, notably the one my grandmother lives in), there is also


in our

Victorian style bathroom

Therefor we have decided to

Zeppelin and Fleet on the march

this will happen this weekend. So there will be no

Radio set

from me for a few days. But if all goes well, I will be back on the ætherweb in a few days and the new

Zeppelin Hangar

will be established quickly.

Until then, may there always be steam in your boiler, diesel in your engines, helium in your airships and Zeppelins and at least an arms length between you and the air-kraken.